Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pledge4: No to Fake Companies/Resume

I randomly stumbled across the links below:

Police unearth fake IT Company

Employees fake it for the dream job

It's all about the fake companies and fake resumes.
Well working around root cause analysis, the following questions would arise:

Who started this fake resume/company concept?

Who are the people behind this?

What made them to do this?

Who is encouraging them?

Any more interesting things!!!

To be frank I am just writing down my answers, you are free to add your own, comment my answers and do what ever you feel like as long as it is befitting in making society better.

It's partly due to people who are not aware of the IT industry. Now a days, people are not doing proper or enough ground work in validating particular technology/company/skill. They blindly go by their friends views (often they won't match, it will make you land in troubles),
or third party views.
And these third party people make use of such innocent (ignorant!) people and attract them with few brand names and exploit them. As a result the faking industry is flourishing, because it's a quick buck more and more people are starting this as their main business.
Now we are in one utter confusion and unable to filter companies against the fake ones.
Is it not our responsibility to clear this confusion?
Please by putting your efforts to clear the same. One of the ways you can join your hands in this is in listing out fake companies, fake resume and most importantly do not fake anyone.

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AsToNish said...

then how will the guys get into IT industry who are passed out long back ... ITs dont even take them as freshers ...