Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pledge4: No to Fake Companies/Resume

I randomly stumbled across the links below:

Police unearth fake IT Company

Employees fake it for the dream job

It's all about the fake companies and fake resumes.
Well working around root cause analysis, the following questions would arise:

Who started this fake resume/company concept?

Who are the people behind this?

What made them to do this?

Who is encouraging them?

Any more interesting things!!!

To be frank I am just writing down my answers, you are free to add your own, comment my answers and do what ever you feel like as long as it is befitting in making society better.

It's partly due to people who are not aware of the IT industry. Now a days, people are not doing proper or enough ground work in validating particular technology/company/skill. They blindly go by their friends views (often they won't match, it will make you land in troubles),
or third party views.
And these third party people make use of such innocent (ignorant!) people and attract them with few brand names and exploit them. As a result the faking industry is flourishing, because it's a quick buck more and more people are starting this as their main business.
Now we are in one utter confusion and unable to filter companies against the fake ones.
Is it not our responsibility to clear this confusion?
Please by putting your efforts to clear the same. One of the ways you can join your hands in this is in listing out fake companies, fake resume and most importantly do not fake anyone.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pledge2: No to Public Smoking!

Well I am not going to say anything regarding harms of smoking or not even going to list out that diseases you get because of smoking... I covered those topic extensively under my blog on health, U'r Way2Health .
anyways who cares about smokers health. But smoker do not have any right to spoil other's health.

To hit straight, I am referring to public smoking.Unfortunately, even the most educated, esteemed people also do commit this mistake. People talk so much about the government negligence and so on.. but they do not bother when the same government makes law for the benefit of it's people.
Do we need people/police to monitor us to check our own health?The drive should come from within, and let us pledge1) To stop smoking2) If not Avoid Public smoking3) Don't throw cigarette buts onto public places, roads...4) Try to explain the con's of smoking5) Try to educate people the pro's of being non smokerLet us make this place better living place :)I can go on adding more... pls everybody do pledge and join hands.
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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pledge1: No to Palmlets !

As I mentioned in the previous post, let us pledge on some simple things that can make very big difference. Let me cover these as "Pledge" series, where everybody can pledge and stick on to it.
Pledge 1: No to Palmlets !
Palmlets ! What are they?
Palmlets are letters that are fit to carry in our palm. They provide consice information.
Now why need to say no to Palmlets?
I am starting this as my pledge1 to see/make my India better.
Palmlets are one of marketing approaches of products. People distribute them to all irrespective of the target audience, sometime they forcefully throw/give to the commuters. So what?The people who are not interested they will just throw them out resulting the road/premises soon to look like a garbage.
Well what am I doing?
  1. In the first place, I am not accepting those palmlets that are of not my interest. Even if I was given that, I am not throwing on to road rather looking out for dust bin to get rid of it.
  2. If I am with friends/group, I am explaining the above and making them not to accept or not to throw on to roads/premises.I am doing my best in explaining to guys distributing these palmlets to avoid giving to unwanted people. (Not many listen to me!)

Well though looks pretty big explanation, it is worth going through and taking up the pledge and living for it...Go through the below link to see how u can save trees by reducing the paper consumption:http://www.conservatree.com/learn/EnviroIssues/TreeStats.shtml

EVEN YOU CAN DO THIS All are free to express their thoughts and joint the hands :)

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

నేను సైతం (Even me...)

నేను సైతం ప్రపంచాని కి సమిధ నొక్కటి ఆహుతిచాను ...
నేను సైతం విశ్వ వ్రుష్ట్మికి అసురువోక్కటి దారబోసాను ...
నేను సైతం భువన ఘోషకు వెర్రి గొంతుక విచ్చి మోస్తాను...
Nenu saitam prapanchaaniki samidhanokkaTi aahuticchaanu
Nenu saitam viSva vrushTiki aSRuvokkaTi dhaaravOsaanu...
Nenu saitam bhuvana GhOshaku verri gontuka picchi mosaanuu....

Powerful and inspiring writings from the Legend Sri Sri.This community started with vision, to see better India. But the twist is, it is not just propagating to do good to better India. It is "doing good to see India better".
We the pillars of country should take part in doing productive things, but not just loose talk.Hoping you guys do take part in this good cause... After all it's our place and it's our responsibility to make it nice living place!
Take up some tasks, it might be some very simple things like
  • Maintaining your surroundings clean & tidy.
  • Bringing notice to officials, concerned departments.
  • Pledge the things that you will do to see better India.

the list can go on... join hands to make it happen :)

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