Wednesday, September 10, 2008

GHMC arranges free swimming pools for all Hyderabadis!!!

GHMC - Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation
I don't want to sound informative! I tried my best to keep the title as sarcastic as possible but what to do I ended up on this title "GHMC arranges free swimming pools for all Hyderabadis!!!"

GHMC was happy with the people of Hyderabad and as part of making Hyderabad residents more happy they came out with unique plan of opening swimming pools. Though there are many pools existing in city but they are not reachable, so they opened pools in all busy areas of Hyderabad.
Note: This offer availability is subjected to rainfall...
Chalo let's swim....

Please enjoy swimming with following precautions:
  1. Even vehicles are allowed to this pool
  2. Buses may take ride on the same roads (if they can trace them!)
I also request everybody not to popularize this offer news we may end up paying tax even for this unwanted/unasked facility. Of course, we are earning just to pay taxes :)

Thanks to Sampath for sharing these links and photos.
more pics from TeluguPeople site

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Ravi Thalupula said...

Hope "sumanth krishna" won the Gold medal at Swimming.